Nutrition for Medics


What You Learn

Anatomy & Physiology

A revision of how the body works and how all the body systems interrelate and therefore impact health.

Evidence Based Nutrition

Nutrition and it's application to human physiology based on nutritional science.

Food & Health

The application of nutritional science to individual foods and our health.

Recipe Creation & Cookery School

Recipe creation to support health for prevention and management of disease.


Application of knowledge within consultations through mock consultations, patient handouts and case studies.

Industry Knowledge

Video podcasts on a variety of topics with industry experts to broaden knowledge beyond the standard classroom material.

How You Learn

✔︎ Online, anywhere, anytime. Structured plan with flexibility to suit your schedule.

✔︎ Full course over 6-12 months with 80-100 hrs of directed and self directed study.


Individual chapters each over 3-6 weeks with 10-12 hours of directed and self-directed study.

✔︎ Variable teaching methods; reading material, videos, podcasts, webinars and animations.

✔︎ Assessment by quizzes, case studies, written assignments and recipe creation.

✔︎ Assignments marked by your personal tutor, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, with individualised comments and support.

✔︎ Education Managers give additional support in any matter not dealt with by the personal tutor. No question is too small or irrelevant. 

✔︎ Regular contact encouraging and motivating you to keep on track with your studies.

✔︎ Networking with other likeminded medics and healthcare professionals in the Sano Community

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What people are saying!

“The presenters and designers of the course show highly relevant experience towards this field. There are very useful additional materials provided to students which are appropriate and clinically relevant. The resource itself is excellent. It is well written and talks about an area that medics are historically not very well read in so acts as a useful website.”  RCGP Reviewers

"Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common issues I see in my practice and the content allowed me to provide a more positive approach to the advice given. “ Dr. Annie Elliott

"Delightfully evidence based, practical and I've personally found what I learnt life changing for my family as well as invaluable for enhancing patient care." Dr Claudia Pastides

"I have enjoyed refreshing my existing knowledge and thinking about its application in relation to diet and chronic disease." Dr Hemali Parekh

"Provides useful practical information that you can use in consultations

immediately." Dr Nikita Grover

Your Support Network:

Sano Community


Personal Tutor


Education Team


Currently Chapter 1 'Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome' is accredited by RCGP. Other Chapters are in the process of being submitted for approval.